STAR Approach

What exactly is it that makes a school into a good school? In order to answer that question, Edukans developed an innovative model which defines and measures quality education, the STAR-School.

A good school has five dimensions:

  • it offers a safe, accessible and well-equipped learning environment
  • the learning is pleasant, relevant and effective
  • the teachers are qualified, committed and know how to motivate their pupils
  • the school management is capable, has a clear vision and effectively monitors both pupils and teachers
  • parents, pupils and the communities are involved in the school governance

Transparent model

When a school is lacking in one or more dimensions, it can improve the relevant issues within the context of a project or programme by an Edukans partner. In this way, schools can develop into quality institutions step by step. The STAR-school model makes it transparent for all parties involved – schools, NGO’s, parents, pupils, donors – where a school stands, and what issues still need to be worked on.This model has been introduced in our projects and programmes in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda, and will within the next few years will be rolled out in our other focus countries as well.

Our goal? 10.000 STAR-schools in 2030.