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Education in Kenya

According to the Kenyan government, 95.7 percent of the children in primary school age are registered at school. However, absence rates are very high, as many children (particularly in rural areas) need to help at home or work the land. Also, the quality of education is often insufficient to ensure that all children can learn the basics. In addition, there is a shortage of available teachers. Secondary education remains largely out of reach for the poorest children, as a result of the costs involved.

Edukans programs

Edukans has worked with partners in Kenya already since the eighties, and has increased its programmatic focus since 2007. Currently Edukans has education programs in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, as well as in the North Rift and the South Rift regions of the country. In the remote rural areas, we particularly target children from nomadic people such as the Maasai and the Samburu. We aim to improve the quality and availability of primary education, so that children have a better chance to develop and give shape to their future. In Nairobi as well as in rural areas, we provide skills training to youth. This enables them to find a job or to set up their own small business. In our programs, the use of ICT to make education better and more efficient is an important focal point.

Local partners and networks

Edukans works with seven local partner organizations, who each have their own expertise and network. They collaborate in the Edukans Star school program, sharing expertise and best practices, thus strengthening each other.

Edukans’ partners are also members of the Elimu Yetu Coalition, the national Education for All network. This network facilitates the sharing of knowledge and gives members an insight into the programs of other education orga