Disaster and crisis is robbing an estimated 34 million children and youth of an education. Refugee education is generally of very low quality. Teacher : pupil ratios exceed 1:70 and many refugee teachers are severely undertrained. Yet in fragile conditions – be it acute crisis or long-term instability – education is an essential safe haven for children. School provides structure, peace and future perspective. Therefore we increase access to quality education by providing safe spaces where children can learn and play and foster hope. We train teachers and enhance student resilience by promoting socio-emotional learning.

Ambition 2020

By 2020 25,000 children and youth in emergencies access quality education with safe spaces for learning and playing

We focus on refugee hosting countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and Lebanon as well as as countries with IDPs (Internally Displaced People) such as South-Sudan, Iraq and Myanmar. If possible we address both refugees and hosting communities.

Edukans looks after:

  • Safe school attendance
  • Teacher training in active teaching and learning
  • PTA (Parent Teacher Association) commitment to (girls) education
  • Recognized certificates for students
  • Socio-emotional learning leading to positive social behaviour of students


We increase access to quality education in emergencies.
We address formal education as well as informal skills training. Apart from modest infrastructural support we contribute by needs assessment, technical support, teacher training, skills training and socio-emotional learning.

Theory of Change - Education in emergencies



What exactly is it that makes a school into a good school? In order to answer that question, Edukans developed an innovative model which defines and measures quality education, the STAR-School.

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Track Records

Jordan: 4,437 children


In 2013 Edukans and partners provided non-formal educational activities to children in a refugee camp in Jordan.