Worldwide, more than 700 million of women alive today were married as children. Child marriages, early pregnancies and sexual violence are major causes for girls dropping out of school. There is still a big gap between boys and girls when it comes to completion rates. Edukans closes the gap and creates equal education opportunities. Our approach is transformative for both girls and boys including their communities. We empower girls, eliminate discrimination and harmful practices and create safe learning environments. This leads to increased transition of girls to secondary education, higher completion rates and better learning outcomes.

Ambition 2020

We aim for 400 school communities supporting comprehensive sexuality education to eliminate gender disparities and harmful practices.

To empower 100,000 girls and boys we involve:

  • 400 schools
  • 1,000 teachers
  • 45 health centres
  • 90 health workers.

Edukans looks after:

  • Increased transition from primary to secondary education.
  • Near equal completion rates for girls and boys
  • Near zero cases of child marriage, early marriage and gender based violence.


We prevent girls from school failure and dropping out of school.

By 2020 100,000 girls and boys are empowered to:

  • Access education and stay in school pursuing post-primary education
  • Make informed and healthy SRHR decisions

Relevant stakeholders in and around school ensure and sustain a safe learning environment, girls rights to education and SRHR.

Theory of Change - Equal opportunities in education for boys and girls including promotion of shr




What exactly is it that makes a school into a good school? In order to answer that question, Edukans developed an innovative model which defines and measures quality education, the STAR-School.

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Track Records

Malawi: 10 Teacher Training Colleges, 700 student teachers


In Malawi 10 Teacher Training Colleges use the Comprehensive Sexuality Education program ‘World Starts With Me’: 20 master trainers have trained more than 700 student teachers on how to use the ‘World Starts With Me’ curriculum in classroom.

Ghana: 15 health clinics


30 Staff members in 15 health clinics apply a youth-centred method in delivering SRHR services.

Ghana 25 primary schools, 1,400 students


Edukans implemented at 25 primary schools the Comprehensive Sexuality Education program. Through the ‘My World My Life’ program 20 teacher and 30 peer educators are now reaching out to more than 1,400 students.

Ethiopia: 72 primary and secondary schools


Edukans and its partners helped 72 primary and secondary schools to include Comprehensive Sexuality Education in their curriculum using the ‘My World My Life’ and ‘World Starts With Me’ curriculum.