Worldwide, about 250 million students attend school but not learn effectively. Even after four years of education they lack basic literacy and numeracy skills. Edukans supports stakeholders to improve quality of (pre-)primary and secondary education, in which active teaching and learning and life skills are crucial. This enables students to complete their school careers with good learning outcomes. With appropriate academic and life skills they will participate in society successfully.

Ambition 2020

We aim for 2,000 star schools in 2020 providing quality education and active teaching and learning.

To secure better learning outcomes for 1,5 million students:

  • we capacitate 2,000 schools to deliver quality education
  • we train 30,000 teachers in active teaching and learning

A school becomes a star school by:

  • (self-)assessment in five quality domains leading to school improvement plan
  • Teachers trained in active teaching and learning

We target (pre-)primary and secondary schools including teacher training institutes.


We improve quality of education leading to better learning outcomes.
Our interventions lead to:

  • Safe schools
  • Strong leadership
  • Effective child-centred teaching
  • Strong school monitoring (SMC and PTA)
  • Community enforced laws and regulations
  • Effective government support and monitoring