More than 60% of sub-Saharan Africa, 600 million young people, is below the age of 25. And still these numbers are growing faster than anywhere else. It is a big challenge to link youth to the growing labour market. Lack of decent jobs results in poverty, food insecurity and triggers migration and radicalism. There is a big gap between vocational education delivery and private sector needs. Edukans closes this gap. Jointly with employers we identify market opportunities and train youth in vocational and life skills. This enabling youth to secure (self-)employment and small industries to attain qualified staff.

Ambition 2020

By 2020 we secure 15,000 youth jobs by training 20,000 young African people in market relevant skills.

Edukans takes care to:

  • Promote decent (self)employment
  • Involve the labour market from the very beginning
  • Combine vocational and life skills
  • Emphasize practical work-based learning
  • Empower trainers in pedagogical and didactical skills


We create (self-)employment for youth.

  • At least 75% of youth secure (self-)employment within 6 months after the training.
  • More innovative and competitive business due to competent staff.
  • Sustainable partnerships between employers, training providers and government.

Theory of Change - Skills



Track Records

Bolivia: 10 training centres

Budget: €35.000

Master trainers of 10 training centres are trained. Gastronomy experts are trained to share their knowledge and skills to youth in an effective and motivating way.

India: training labour market assessment

Budget: €15.000

In India staff of new agribusiness training centre is trained in labour market assessment.

Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda: 10,000 youth trained

Budget: 12M EUR

In Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda Edukans trained 10,000 youth trained through the Learn4Work program.