EDunite believes in education and training as key for a better life. Working together we create more impact.

Who we are

EDunite is a newly established network of local and international organizations specialized in education and training.
We are a network consisting of:

  • Africa Educational Trust, an international ngo based in the UK with country office in Kenya and local presence in South-Sudan and Somalia
  • DEC, an Ethiopia ngo based in Addis Ababa with offices in Bahir Dar, Ayssaita, Bedele, Jimma
  • EEDF, a Malawi ngo based in Blantyre
  • Edukans, an international ngo based in the Netherlands with country offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and Malawi
  • LINK Community Development International, an international ngo based in Scotland with country offices in Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana
  • Savana Signatures, a Ghana ngo based in Tamale with office in Ho

We also partner numerous local ngos, cbos and governmental organizations.

Where we work

  • Europe:
    Scotland, England, the Netherlands
  • Africa:
    Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South-Sudan, Uganda, DRC, Malawi, Ghana
  • Asia:
  • Latin-America:
    Bolivia, Peru

What we do

For detailed information about activities of each member please refer to their websites mentioned above. As a network we see a strong need to come together as relatively small organizations all passionate about and focussed on education.

Together we can:

  • Create more impact
  • Provide a stronger voice
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Create a meaningful learning space
  • Increase fundraising