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Petra van Haren new CEO of Edukans

Amersfoort, 25 June 2021

Edukans – international NGO for quality education – has appointed Petra van Haren as its new CEO. She will succeed Ron Rijnbende in October. 

Petra van Haren has held various management positions in the field of international cooperation, including at Nuffic, SNV and Cordaid. This always involved a major role for education. At the moment, the future CEO of Edukans is working as Country Director for Cordaid in Uganda. In the past three years she actively engaged in setting up the country office and building a project portfolio. Before this time, she served as the head of Cordaid’s Health & Education programmes for five years.  

The difference
 Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, children have not been able to attend school for almost a year and a half. Petra van Haren is a witness to the impact of this on entire families: “Education is essential, both for the future of a child as well as for his or her surroundings. It is the best investment you can make to get an economy to flourish.” The eastern and southern regions of Africa and the teams that Petra works with hold a special place in her heart. However, the job at Edukans is a reason for her to return to the Netherlands. “In a time when the continuity of children attending school is under such pressure, the work of Edukans is more relevant than ever. Edukans makes a difference, with a focus on e-learning and by looking at all elements that keep a child safely in school.”

“I am confident that with all her experience, Petra is the right person to lead Edukans to a new phase of growth. I am looking forward to working together with our new CEO”, chairman of the Supervisory Board Michel Rog observes. Petra van Haren will succeed the current Edukans CEO Ron Rijnbende in October. The latter will take his leave from this position after 30 years. Michel Rog: “The past year has been a challenge to say the least: the pandemic virtually brought our regular projects to a halt. Edukans went in search of creative ways to still reach young people. All credit to Ron for his resilience in leading Edukans.”