School children in Ethiopia
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School environment

It seems obvious: a positive school environment contains appropriate facilities, well-managed classrooms, school-based health support, and a clear policy. But in some places in the world, these basic requirements are not met. Where there is no STARenvironment, there are overcrowded classrooms, or even teaching outside depending on the weather, there is no teaching materials and a lack of (separate) toilets – which is a hindrance especially for girls – is no exception.

Quality education starts with the very basis: decent facilities for teachers and students to develop their skills in a safe learning environment. In our EDUstars assessment we look at all relevant indicators, such as adequate policies and protocols to ensure safe water supply, sanitation, air quality, good lighting, safe playgrounds, violence prevention, and emergency response.


In emergencies settings improving infrastructures is inevitable to start improving quality. In these cases Edukans supports the construction of schools and sanitation blocks.

Together with the school management, we draw up and implement an improvement plan to build or improve school facilities. A solid basis for quality education, that brings out the best in teachers and students.