Active learning

Practising Active Learning in the classroom contributes to a students’ understanding of a topic taught in class (a student centred approach). It allows the learner to actively participate in his/her learning process. Active Learning is enhancing the students’ learning outcomes and is encouraging critical thinking for lifelong learning.

Social and emotional learning (SEL)

Education is more than learning how to read, write and calculate. It is also about learning the skills important to succeed in school, family, communities, workplaces and life in general. In many schools, this is not guaranteed. SEL is answering this missing piece in education, by connecting social and emotional development to academic learning. SEL focusses on ‘teaching the whole child’, focusing on five interrelated competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)

In our CSE programmes, we assist educators and youth in understanding sexuality in a positive way. CSE provides youth with the information, skills and attitudes to make informed and age-appropriate decisions on their sexual and reproductive health, because young people have the right to. In CSE, we base ourselves on evidence, and put emphasis on equity in gender and sexual orientation.