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Teaching with impact

The Teaching with Impact programme is aimed at giving teachers hands-on teaching skills to enable them to impact positively on the results and pass rates of pupils.

On June 17th 2021, Edukans Kenya organised successfully the official launch of Teaching with Impact.
You can view part of the launch here:

On March31st 2021, the official launch of Teaching with Impact was held in Malawi. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Raphael Agabu, Acting Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Education, described the programme as impactful.
You can view Mr.Raphael Agabu’s press intervierw here:

UNESCO also presented their view on sustainable quality education and the presence and singing of the children made it an inspiring event.

On February 18th 2021, Savana Signatures and Edukans International launched the Teaching with Impact programme supported by the Ministry of Education

Speaking at the virtual launch of the programme, the Director, Pre-Tertiary Directorate at the Ministry of Education, Mrs Catherine Appiah-Pinkrah, described Teaching with Impact “as not only innovative but also supportive of the government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education’s efforts at ensuring that our teachers are highly skilled and that active teaching and learning is going on in our schools.”

UNESCO and UNICEF gave presentations about sustainable quality education and the SDG 4 goals at the Teaching with Impact launch. For more information please see:


Tackling the learning crisis

Hundreds of millions of children are learning very little in school. In Sub-Saharan Africa, fewer than 7 % of students in late primary school are proficient in reading and fewer than 14 % in maths. (UNESCO, 2019, World Bank, 2018). This has huge negative implications. Education will not be a catalyst for development if children are not learning. Children who are already disadvantaged learn the least. Weak instructional practices as a result of low-quality teacher training are at the root of this crisis. Teachers are crucial, they function as role models for children, shape attitudes, build confidence and make learning fun. In some contexts, they are the only accessible sources of basic knowledge.

Improving teaching for better learning

Teaching with Impact is a teacher training programme for teachers of all subjects in primary education. By following Edukans’ Teaching with Impact programme, teachers develop and apply hands-on teaching skills which they can use in daily practice. Pupils of Teaching with Impact trained teachers achieve higher results, have better prospects to progress to secondary or tertiary education and become more motivated and self-confident. Teaching with Impact gives teachers practical tools to improve their practice right away including the unique and innovative ‘Correctbook’: sustainable learning materials for endless learning through continuous practice.

The proven benefits of Teaching with Impact

  • Teachers know how to become more effective and demonstrate this in their day-to-day teaching.
  • Improved learner and school achievements: higher learning outcomes, better pass rates, improved retention of pupils in education, and transition to next level education.
  • Sustainable and locally produced learning materials allow for endless learning through continuous practice.

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