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Education in emergencies

Improving access to quality education and wellbeing in humanitarian emergencies

The problem
An estimated 35 million children around the world have been forcibly displaced. Only half of refugee children attend primary school, and less than a quarter are in secondary school. Without an education, young people’s childhoods may be lost to child labour, child marriage, recruitment by armed groups or other life-threatening activities. A child who is out of school for more than a year is unlikely to return. Girls are 2.5 times more likely to drop out of school than boys. For children who do attend school during emergencies, the quality of education can be low, with an average of 70 pupils per teacher.

Our solution
Edukans aims to ensure that all displaced children and youth enjoy full access to quality education that is relevant to their psychosocial, emotional and  cognitive development. Our schools provide safe spaces for children to build friendships, play and learn. Regarding education in emergencies, Edukans contributes to needs assessment, programme development, research, and teacher training:


  • We set up temporary structures or safe spaces in which to learn and to play
  • We work closely with displaced parents to help them understand the value of education for their children


  • We offer teacher training in areas like child-centred pedagogy, active learning, learning and behavioural difficulties, and school leadership
  • We facilitate work-based learning opportunities for young people, providing them with real-life working skills for the labour market


  • We promote life skills, comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), social-emotional learning and art


  • We lobby for certification of the learning attainments of displaced teachers and students and for training and recruitment of female teachers

“Only if I am educated, can I help my people. I want to become a doctor so I can give medical treatment to the sick people in my community. The only problem I might face is getting married. I have to convince my father that I want to study for the next several years instead of getting married and having babies”.

Refugee student Ethiopia

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