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EDU Q-card

Empowering schools in quality control, measurement and assesment

Learning to improve together

At school, teachers and pupils inspire each other. They bring out the best in each other. They have an eye for each other’s talents. And pupils develop skills which allow them to participate successfully in society.

It is therefore very important that the responsibility for ensuring the high quality of the education provided is shared by all those involved: pupils, teachers, management, parents and inspectors.

The EDU Q-card is the tool to improve the quality of education, by involving all the stakeholders in an inspirational way that demonstrates immediate results. How beautiful is that!

Points of improvement in five crucial areas

The EDU Q-card displays the results of the evaluations using clear and simple smileys. In this way you can see at a glance and in order of priority how the school scores in the following five areas:

  • Learning environment
  • Learning (pupils)
  • Teaching (teachers)
  • School Management
  • Parents (Community)


Of course, not all areas for improvement can be tackled directly. Therefore the school can choose three points of improvement on which it will work in a planned manner. If the inspectors also know this, their school visits will be much more efficient and effective.

Seven proven benefits of working with the EDU Q-card

  1. Quality assessment of the school(s) in the following areas: learning environment, learning (students), teaching (teachers), school management and parents (community)
  2. Regular monitoring of the quality of the education
  3. High quality training including implementation training; repeated after six months
  4. A direct, short, feedback loop: reports produced on-the-spot and discussed with stakeholders
  5. Integrated external and internal self-assessments
  6. Engagement of all relevant stakeholders
  7. Simple to adopt, easy to integrate and cost effective


Hear what inspectors, CCT tutors say about the advantages of the EDU Q-card. Please visit www.eduqcard.org.


Impact of the EDU Q-card including training

 Empowering schools

  • Less drop-out
  • Transition to secondary school improves
  • Improving students’ performance
  • Improving teaching skills
  • A different role of inspectors: more involved at the schools
  • Involving parents
  • Improving motivation and self-confidence of teachers and children (students)
  • Creating large scale impact
  • Sustainability

Please visit www.eduqcard.org for online brochures or other additionial information.