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Teacher Training

The problem

Globally, literacy rates have gone up, school enrolment rates have risen and dropout rates have fallen over the past decade. But despite increased enrolments, an estimated 264 million children do not attend school or quit school prematurely. Moreover, many children cannot read, write or count sufficiently, whether they have attended school or not. This is largely due to large classes, traditional teaching methods with little or no interaction, and often insufficient teacher training and supports. Poorly educated children are likely to face a future of unemployment trapped in a cycle of poverty. This ‘global learning crisis’ leads to a huge loss of talented youth for developing countries.

Active Teaching & Learning

Edukans trains teachers because we believe that highly dedicated and motivated teachers are key for the success of their students. They organise meaningful and relevant learning experiences for their students. Together with the University of Amsterdam, we  developed a training method for teachers trainers and school supervisors to guide and support teachers on how to apply Active Teaching and Learning methods in their daily classroom practice, in order to enhance students’ learning outcomes and encourage critical thinking for lifelong learning. By using different forms of capacity building, such as digital video recording, analysing observation methods, development of education materials, and peer-to-peer support, STARteacher supports teachers to adopt a learner-centred approach.

We make use of 10 interactive training modules:

1.  Lesson Plan

2.  Use of textbooks

3.  Concept Building

4.  Worksheets

5.  Teaching Strategies

6.  Group Work

7.  Learning Styles

8.  Assessment

9.  Questioning & Answering

10.  Time-on-Task

Our train-the-trainer model ensures a broad impact of the STARteacher method. In a one week programme we train teacher trainers to apply Active Teaching and Learning Methods in their own teaching practice at college level. The tutors then train their students (pre-service teachers) and the in-service teachers on how to work with the same method.

Different levels

We provide this programme at schools and at Teacher Training Colleges. This enables us to reach a broad group of teachers, making sure the method is spread at the very heart of a country’s teaching community.