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STEP 2: Develop Job Profiles

In STEP 2, you focus on the available jobs and develop a list of the skills and qualifications that are needed. The key to success is to develop the job profiles in close collaboration with the targeted employers. Whether a self-employed mechanic is looking for an apprentice or a multinational has ICT vacancies, you need to work with employers to draw up accurate job profiles.

Agricultural skills development
The ICCO consortium mobilized actors from various sectors (education, research, business and agriculture) to help draw up job profiles. Engaging practitioners who were actively involved in relevant trades proved to be very effective. Job profiles and training modules were produced for a number of trades/enterprises. Read on to find out how ICCO carried out the job research and analysis process.

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Selecting the right sector
How can organizations help landless young people to find employment? Woord en Daad used the outcomes of its labour market study to create job profiles. It then shared the job profiles it had drafted with potential trainees and institutions. This proved an effective way to identify the skills-training that would eventually help these young people to find jobs or become self-employed. Read on to find out more..

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