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STEP 3: Develop Curriculum Framework

A curriculum framework is an organised plan that sets out what needs to be learned in terms of clear standards. What should the trainee know and what should the trainee be able to do? The job profiles are key in this phase: all occupational skills and competencies required for the job should be included. Ensure that you also include ‘soft’ skills such as presentation, communication and life skills. Work in close consultation with targeted employers, teachers and stakeholders from the sector.

Closing the skills gap
Technology in the car industry changes fast, and keeping up with change requires more than minor adjustments to training. The very way we teach needs to be addressed. Krobea invested in making teaching more demand-driven by adjusting the curriculum and introducing competency-based learning. This project has forged new links between the car mechanics industry and vocational training. Supported by national and international partners, mechanics and teachers are learning new, context-relevant skills, which they can then pass on to apprentices and trainees.

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Developing a context-focused curriculum
This project targeted the poorest regions in Ethiopia. Three TVET colleges were involved with the project. It was a challenge for these colleges to adapt the existing curriculum to the context and needs of the trainees. Several topics were missing, such as the skills required for self-employment, poultry health, and how to prepare compost. Neither had the local climate conditions where the trainees lived (weather, soil, etc.) been taken sufficiently into account.

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