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STEP 4: Develop Training

In STEP 4, you need to plan and make decisions about the content of the modules, the balance between theory and practice, the teaching methodology, the duration of the course, the assessment procedure, the budget and the logistics. Ensure that the content and approach of the training programme match the entry level of the students.

‘Make it Happen’ traineeship
This project is tackling unemployment in a county in Western Kenya, by giving trainees up-to-date ICT and business skills. ICS invited its partners and representatives from the public and private sectors to attend a three-day workshop. At the workshop, the curriculum and training material were developed.

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Local tailoring and carpentry
Professional craftsmen, such as dressmakers and carpenters, concentrate in big cities in Ghana – but there is also demand in the countryside. This project enables local youth to fill this gap and offers them a chance to start their own business. Suglo developed a training programme that was rooted in learners’ needs. Read on to find out how the training content and methods were tailored to fit the beneficiaries’ backgrounds, as well as to achieving the intended outcomes.

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