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STEP 5: Teach the Teachers

A new curriculum requires new skills from teachers. In fact, their job profile may change completely! For example, the new curriculum might include more practical courses that provide more real-time practice for students. This implies a specific role for teachers: they need to support and coach students as they develop their skills. What’s more, assessing students’ new practical skills or supervising them during apprenticeships is quite different from marking papers or other, more traditional assessment techniques. STEP 5 is about supporting teachers as they move to a new education system. Learn here about how to invest more in their capacity and didactical skills.

Teaching teachers in the automotive industry
Ghana’s economy is growing rapidly. Ghanaians are buying imported cars, which contain often modern electronics, like automatic transmission. In order to be able to repair these cars, Ghana’s mechanics need to upgrade their skills. Teachers in the automotive sector therefore have to teach a new curriculum, which requires new skills from them as well. Krobea interviewed teachers to identify the current challenges and skills gaps. How did Krobea support teachers and help them to implement the new curriculum?

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Innovating in teacher training
NairoBits uses ICT as a tool to help young people escape the slums of Nairobi. Market demands in ICT change rapidly. NairoBits therefore draws on its relations with stakeholders – alumni and companies – to find out how its training can be improved and kept up to date. It holds annual sessions to align its trainers’ skills with market demand.

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