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STEP 6: Keep Track of Successes

Graduates are the best people to consult when assessing the quality of your new training programme. How long did it take to find a job after graduating? Do they use the skills they developed during their training? You can keep track of graduates in various ways. You can organise meetings or networking events. Mailing groups, online forums or social media such as Facebook also offer good opportunities. Another reason to invest in staying connected is that graduates might become business owners and employers in the region in future. They might be able to offer traineeships or apprenticeships to current students. Of course it’s also worth finding out whether employers are satisfied with their new staff. They might be able to suggest improvements to the curriculum.

Youth@Work gives vulnerable young Kenyans a future in the tourism and hospitality industries. For Ujima, keeping track of project successes is all about recording and monitoring data. The organization maintains detailed records to keep track of the trainees. Read on to find out how this starts early in the application process, with entry-point screening.

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