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STEP 7: Innovate and Reach Out

Employers don’t want yesterday’s skills; instead, they’re searching for the skills that will be needed tomorrow. Students also expect their courses to be up to date. This final step is therefore a continuous one: innovate, change and keep adapting to the labour market. But also reach out and ensure that all parties remain committed, including government partners, communities, parents, staff and local businesses.

ICT as a tool for change
NairoBits uses ICT as a tool to help young people escape the slums of Nairobi. Working in a fast-moving area such as ICT, it is essential to keep training methods up to date and respond to labour market needs. In this dynamic context, how does NairoBits succeed in keeping the curriculum topical and anticipating new types of demand? Read on to find out.

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The Youth@Work project gives vulnerable young Kenyans a future in the tourism and hospitality industries. For Ujima, innovating and reaching out means maintaining structured, well-organized relations with a range of stakeholders. Current trainees benefit from the expertise of guest lecturers and alumni, while alumni attend refresher courses and team-building events. Employers are seen as partners in every step of the process. How does this investment in stakeholder relations contribute to better courses and training?

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