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The process

Implementing the 7-STEPS in your organisation

“How does it work?”

Follow the 7-STEPS in your organisation to boost the quality of your training and develop highly-skilled personnel!

How do you ensure that the vocational training and education programme you offer can respond to needs in the local labour market? How do you ensure that your enterprise gets the highly-skilled employees it needs? We’ve developed 7-STEPS to build sustainable links between the local labour market and schools and training institutions.

7-STEPS offers practical guidance to analyse local demand, fill gaps and capitalise on opportunities. By creating a system to match supply and demand for skills, 7-STEPS promises systemic change. Change for young people. Change for employers. And change for sustainable economic growth.

The 7-STEP process in the Youth Opportunities Project
The Youth Opportunities (YOU) project aims to reduce child labour and financially empower unemployed rural youth. To achieve these aims, young people in rural areas receive skills-training to help them become self-employed or find employment. The 7-STEPS approach was embedded strongly within the project, to link the training as tightly as possible to labour market demand. This proved to be a challenging process…

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