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Life skills

The problem

While fighting against youth unemployment, it is crucial to prepare youth for their education, work and life in general. However, schools usually focus only on academic or technical skills and miss the training in life skills. A lack of the right life skills for youth are common and can cause school drop-out, a mis-match between the workplace and the skills of youth, communication problems, criminality, or even ra- dicalization. In refugee situations, youth are even more in need of developing resilience. The youth need to deal with the situations of adversity, violence and loss, and they need to gain skills to build peaceful societies.


Life skills

Life skills is a preventive approach that focuses on the development of social and emotional skills; the development of the whole person, including comprehensive sexuality education. Life skills is often called the missing piece in education and is part of our comprehensive approach to fight against youth unemployment. It does not only aid the individual development and prevents problematic beha- viour, it helps building a positive community. It helps build resilience and prepares the youth to be successful in their lives and careers. We equip trainers with the competencies to create a safe learning space, and the skills to use creative and participatory methodologies to teach life skills.


Lobby for Skills

In the framework of Dialogue and Dissent, Edukans is lobbying for access to skills for smallholder farmers within Strategic Partnership Civic Engagement Alliance. Access to the right knowledge and expertise is key to improve the productivity and organisational capacity of smallholder farmers. Specically on Life Skills, Edukans has developed in coordination with Wilde Ganzen the module ‘Life Skills for Lobby’ to traing farmers on soft skills that are essential for lobby and advocacy. More on the Civic Engagement Alliance: