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Work-based learning

Edukans’ Quality Learning at Work

Learn to work, work to learn

Challenges for TVETs and companies

Unemployment amongst young people is very high and yet companies often cannot find capable and skilled staff. Skills education has sadly not been a top priority until now. Most TVET programmes are badly equipped, too theoretical and the skills gap remains immense. At the same time, businesses often cannot find skilled staff.


There is now a growing momentum for the Edukans Quality Learning at Work programme, also known as ‘workbased learning’, as many African countries are making apprenticeships part of the vocational education system.

By implementing Edukans’ Quality Learning at Work programme we can improve the employability of young people through apprenticeships and placements, and support companies to acquire young people with the right skills for the job. The Quality Learning at Work programme can be implemented both with TVETs and training providers, as well as a stand-alone programme within the private sector.

Impact of 75%

75% of the young people who attended our Quality Learning at Work programme have a job or are self-employed within 6 months after graduation.


  • Strong connection between training providers, young people and local companies
  • Assurement of a safe learning environment, where learning takes place and apprenticeships are effective
  • Proven quality method for quality learning outcomes at TVETS and training providers
  • Personal and professional guidance of apprenticeship programs at TVETs and companies.
  • TVETS are trained as per requests of the labour market, compliant with government requirements (certification).


What makes our approach unique is that we facilitate a genuine connection between the TVET or training provider, the young people and the company.

Would you like to know more? Please look into this video and learn more about our proven method of Quality learning at Work

Contact: please contact us if you are interested to partner with us to implement Quality learning at Work! info@edukans.org. Thank you!