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Edukans in Ethiopia

Since the introduction of modern education which is back dated to 100 years, Ethiopia has been undergoing several policies and reforms. The active government Education and Training Policy (ETP, 1994) has four major focuses: access, equity, efficiency and quality. The policy has been structured in to five levels of Education Sector Development Plans (EDP I-V). The recent and active Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP V) is planned for 2016-2020 and it has shown a significant change in participation of students where GER at primary school level grown to near to 94% while the quality of education is found to be at risk. Besides, the promising effort towards the coverage of education at different levels, quality is still remains the major challenge and found to be priority agenda.

Edukans programmes

In Ethiopia Edukans and Development Expertise Center (DEC) are strategic partners within the Edukans Group. Edukans and DEC work in three regional states: Afar, Amhara, Oromia and Addis Ababa City Administration with the coordination offices at Addis Ababa and field offices at Ayssaita, Baher Dar, Bedele, Liben districts. Both organisations focus on the implementation of products within the strategic programs: work, gender, emergencies and quality education.


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