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Edukans in Kenya


According to the Kenyan government, 95.7 percent of the children in primary school age are registered at school. However, absence rates are very high, as many children (particularly in rural areas) need to help at home or work the land. Also, the quality of education is often insufficient to ensure that all children can learn the basics. In addition, there is a shortage of available teachers. Secondary education remains largely out of reach for the poorest children, as a result of the costs involved.

Edukans programmes

Edukans has worked with partners in Kenya already since the eighties, and has increased its programmatic focus since 2007. Currently one of the country offices of Edukans is located in Kenya. Our Basic Education Quality Improvement Programme (BEQUIP) was acknowledged by UNESCO for its contribution to quality education in Kenya, please find the appreciation letter of UNESCO here.

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