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Edukans' Mission in Uganda

Edukans’mission in Uganda seeks to strengthen existing programmes to achieve positive learning outcomes for students and so provide skills relevant to their employability in the country, so that they can build their own futures and those of generations to come.

In Uganda, Edukans is locally registered as Edukans Education Services (as an NGO and Ltd under Guarantee).

Prequalification of Goods and Service Providers

Edukans is an international non-governmental organization specialized in education and training for underprivileged young people. Established in 2002 as Dutch NGO, we focus on 6+ developing countries, with the Uganda office formally registered in 2019. In Uganda it is registered as Edukans Education services and it is now running a prequalification exercise for service providers as listed in the enclosed pdf.

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Quality basic education


Vocational skills training

Edukans’ Goal in Uganda

Our aim is to strenghten the capacity of education and skills providers (public and private) to deliver dynamic, relevant, inclusive and safe quality education for Ugandan children, and training in other essential skills required by young people so as to achieve positive learning outcomes and productive employment.


Education challenge

  • Address the issue of Pupil retention and learning continuity: only 3 out of 10 pupils who enter P1 are reaching the final grade.
  • Uganda’s primary school survival rate is the second lowest among its neighbouring countries in the Sub-Sahara African Region.
  • Address the issue of Teacher competence.
  • Effect of Covid on learning loss: the risk of increased attrition rate due to teachers and pupils missing school and leaving education and lack of relevant skills to meaningfully support learners to cope with the shock and stresses from COVID 19.
  • Mismatch of skills for the labour market and lack of transferable skills.

*Source: ESSP 2020/2021-2025/2026

Edukans has been working in Uganda through our partners since 1994 supporting and improving the quality of education and skills development programmes with a focus on underprivileged children and unemployed young people.



Improving teaching standards


We have worked together to improve teaching standards in primary education in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) and several Primary Teacher Colleges (PTC’s) in the country, and have implemented the successful Active Teaching and Learning Programme (MOSIQUE 2009-2014)

Edukans - Uganda, Kiralamba

Students at Kiralamba Primary school in Nakasongola district showing their Correct Books, part of Edukans’ Teaching with Impact project, launched in 2021/2022



Areas of influence addressed are:

Track record


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Current projects

BOPLYN prison project with Advance Afrika as the lead (Jan 2020- Feb 2023) is focusing on promoting the economic empowerment and participation of young prison inmates and ex-inmates in Amuru, Gulu and Kitgum districts

Improving Industrial training for increased food and nutrition security for Refugees and Host communities in West-Nile targeting 3 TVETs, the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and 600 refugees.

EdTech – Use of education technology to improve the quality and continuity of teaching and learning that is to be implemented in 5 districts, 2 Core Primary Teacher Colleges and in 200 schools in Lango and Central Buganda sub regions.


This project is funded by the European Union through the Wehubit programme implemented by Enabel.

Teaching with Impact

The EDU Active Learning Project (Teaching with Impact) contains a learning resource (Correctbook) that helps learners to practice basic skills (e.g. in writing, maths, art) and carry out application and problem solving tasks individually and together, now being implemented in 101 schools in Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola.


Edukans’ Uganda Team


Pamela Kertho, country
director Edukans Uganda

“Worldwide, we are creating opportunities which enable children and young people to shape their futures with confidence.”

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